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While we lead in the field of small aperture optics,

We never lose sight of the values that inspire us

AcuFocus is dedicated to developing, perfecting, and delivering small aperture technologies for cataract patients, including those with complex cornea. Complex cornea patients present with unique ocular histories and corneal shapes and currently have suboptimal intraocular lens options. Solutions for these complex cornea patients are limited, treatment is challenging, and outcomes can be uncertain. At AcuFocus, we are committed to delivering advanced vision care solutions that counteract the visual symptoms stemming from complex corneas to provide a complete solution for this underserved cataract patient population.

Our Vision

AcuFocus is a trusted global vision care leader and partner dedicated to improving patient quality of life, today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

AcuFocus delivers breakthrough small aperture intraocular products to address diverse unmet needs and help patients achieve their best personal vision.

Our Values

  • Patients First

    Develop and deliver adaptable vision care solutions to enhance patient quality of life based on their individual needs

  • Lead with Integrity

    Cultivate enduring relationships with all our stakeholders by leading with transparency, honesty, and trust

  • Action Oriented

    Integrate stakeholder feedback to continuously improve and enhance our products, service, and support

  • Strive for Excellence

    Deliver high-quality innovation, performance, and leadership

  • Strength in Diversity

    Foster a culture of inclusion in the workplace and partnerships while encouraging diverse perspectives