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Small Technology.
Enormous Potential.

Cataracts are the leading cause of visual impairment.1

Cataracts affect approximately more than 65 million people worldwide.1

Cataracts close people off from their world, their dreams, their lives.

Our technology is changing the narrative

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First-of-its-kind Technology

Small apertures have been used to focus light for all kinds of optical devices, including cameras, telescopes, and smart phones. They help us preserve tiny moments in time and explore the vast outer reaches of our universe. And, every day, our own aperture-shifting device—the pupil—frames our visual world.  When the pupil is small, it filters out unfocused or aberrated peripheral light and provides focused vision over a range of distances. Ophthalmologists and optometrists mimic this natural function when they use a pinhole test to evaluate a patient’s visual potential.

The team at AcuFocus decided to apply this simple—but powerful—optical principle to an intraocular lens to harness and deliver the benefits of a small aperture.

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for patients

For Patients

Small aperture technology represents a true advancement in vision correction for cataract patients.  See the difference the IC-8 IOL can make.*

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for physicians

For Physicians

By combining a high quality hydrophobic acrylic aspheric monofocal IOL and wavefront-filtering small aperture technology, the IC-8 IOL is designed to deliver true extended depth of focus and enhanced adaptability. We invite physicians to learn more about the IC-8 small aperture IOL at AcuFocus University™. *

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*The IC-8 IOL is not available in the United States.
1 World Health Organization